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I Walked With a Longneck in Hand Down to The Landsdowne & Shit My Politics Lecturers Say


"I Walked With a Longneck in Hand Down to The Landsdowne" was inspired by "Shitfaced At The Opera." I found my old Livejournal account still active and chose my favourite snippets written throughout 2009 and 2010 - just before a relationship started and just after it ended. I was 20, turning 21. It's all ego, vodka, ciggies, boys, bands, and the long trek from Oxford St to south-western Sydney.

"Shit My Politics Lecturers Say" is a collection of some of the brilliant things my Politics and International Relations lecturers have said over the years. Many of these quotes have continued to guide how I live my life...most importantly, "To be hated is a prerequisite for being great."